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My current web host, freewebs, is shutting down at the end of March, 2021. Please update your bookmarks now to the site's new location.

Before contacting me to ask a question, place an order, etc. please make sure you read completely, understand, and agree to the following:

The discs featured on this web site are unofficial, fan-made products. They are available purely for other fans of these productions to enjoy because they were never, or are no longer, available commercially. No profit is made from the distribution of these discs. These are collector to collector trades, no rights are given or implied, and any costs involved are attached to time, labor, materials, and machine wear and tear. Countless hours and dollars from my own pocket went into the creation of these discs. Please support me in further releases of rare cartoons from the past: do not redistribute my work in any fashion, including copying, reselling, or uploading. My products are for personal use only.

If you are the copyright holder of a title listed on this web site and you would like that title removed, you may email me with official proof that you are the copyright holder and a request to remove the title. You agree that you will not place me/this web site into a copyright violation situation, try to shut down this web site, or send harassing, threatening, or spam emails. As long as proof of copyright ownership is provided, I will be more than happy to remove the offending title immediately.

For Speediest Service:

When emailing me to place an order, please specify the set(s) you'd like to order, the country in which you are located, and how you would like to pay. I accept US dollar payments, via PayPal (US buyers ONLY; see my FAQ to understand why), Western Union money transfer, money order/cashier's check, or cash. I will get back to you promptly with all of the necessary ordering information so that you may proceed whenever you're ready.

If you are a US buyer and would like pay with PayPal, please also specify the email address associated with your PayPal account. I will then send you a funds request there for the total. Please note that for security reasons, I will ONLY ship to your PayPal confirmed delivery address. Please check that it is accurate and up-to-date before paying, as I cannot make any exceptions to this policy under any circumstances. If you need your order shipped to an address different from your confirmed PayPal delivery address, you must pay by either money order/cashier's check/cash or Western Union instead.


If you fully agree to the above, feel free to email me.
If you are emailing me to ask a question, please remember that my FAQ may already have the answer you're looking for, so give it a quick look before emailing me.

If you disagree to the above, please exit.


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